Contract Manufacturing

Simply Natural Foods

HFB’s sister company, Simply Natural, manufactures confections for some of the world’s leading brands, including Kellogg’s, Atkins, and our own labels. It produces fine chocolates, candies, and wafers in its state of the art 60,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility in Commack, NY. The facility includes an onsite laboratory in which custom formulations and new products are developed.

With its extensive experience in contract manufacturing and for major consumer brands, Simply Natural makes an excellent partner with HFB to conceive, create, package, distribute and market branded confections. And just about everything Simply Natural produces can be made sugarfree, organic, and kosher.


Hand in hand, HFB and Simply Natural are pioneers in the development of new and innovative products.

Services include:

  • Complete research & development services
  • Flexible packaging formats. Individual, bag, box, or tray packaging in various sizes
  • Quality assurance program

Manufactuirng services include:

  • Chocolate and compound enrobing. Milk, dark, white, yogurt, etc.
  • Bar and patty extruding.
  • Topping applicator. Nuts, candy pieces, raisins, etc.
  • Flavors. Infinite range of colors/flavors for wafer, crème, and coasting
  • Molding. The company has several mold types on-site and and can source custom molds.


A Complete Line of Confections

  • Chocolate

    High quality chocolates in dark, milk and white varieties in virtually any shape and with an endless variety of inclusions (rice, nuts, candies, etc.).

    • Solid bars, regular & miniature
    • Filled chocolate (bars, cups, truffles)
    • Chocolate covered cream filled wafers
    • Chocolate covered clusters (caramel pecan, coconut, mint patties, peanut butter, crèmes)
  • Hard Candy

    HFB is a pioneer in regular and sugar-free hard candies, and remains one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

    • Solid or soft center
    • Cough drops
  • Extruded Products

    HFB produces extruded bars and patties, single or co-extrusion. A variety of inclusions (nuts, caramel, candy pieces, etc.) are available.

    • Protein bars
    • Nougat bars
    • Fruit bars
    • Clusters (caramel, peanut butter, coconut, nougat, etc.)
    • Chocolate enrobed
  • Wafer Products

    HFB’s flexible capabilities make for a limitless combination of shapes, sizes and flavors, individually wrapped or packed in a tray or bag.

    • Chocolate enrobed or uncoated
    • Chocolate enrobed or uncoated
  • Bulk Raw Products

    The company’s thoroughly modern facility includes an on-site cooking kitchen for bulk items, offering a virtually limitless variety of flavors and colors. Bulk items are packed in buckets or tanker truck. 3000 lb minimum.

    • Liquid coatings in dark, milk, and white chocolate
    • Caramel
    • Fondant
    • Taffy


Quality Assurance

Simply Natural maintains the highest level of quality control and adherence to national and international safety and quality standards.

HACCP program

ACCP is the FDA approved food safety management system

Certified Kosher: OU Dairy

OU is the world’s most trusted and recognized kosher certification

Certified Organic QAI

Quality Assurance International has set the standard for organic foods since 1989, and is the eading organic certification service worldwide.

SQF Level 2 Certified

SQF is recognized internationally by retailers and foodservice providers for its rigorous food safety management system