Branded Confections

HFB is one of the nation’s leading licensors of major multinational brands, developing and marketing high quality candies for mass markets. HFB licensed products are manufactured to the highest standards and delivered in eye-catching packaging to the world’s largest retailers. HFB understands the vital importance of protecting brand equity, and puts the utmost care in every branded product they develop. That is why these and other brands choose HFB to market their branded confections.

Licensed Products

Simply Lite Foods

HFB also markets its own brand of premium chocolates, Simply Lite. Rich-tasting Simply Lite chocolates are crafted with the finest,  ingredients, using non caloric -sweeteners and zero trans fat. These fine chocolates,  come in several varieties, including smooth Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almonds, and “sin-free” delicious Dark Chocolate. Coming soon are Mint Chocolate Truffles, caramel-infused Pecan Clusters, Coconut Almond Clusters and Peanut Butter Cups.

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