The Brand Behind the Brands

In virtually every major food retailer — from Costco, Sam’s Club to Walmart, Walgreens and CVS — you’ll find candies or chocolates that are produced by HFB. But you won’t see HFB on the label. That’s because HFB is one of the finest marketers of licensed and branded confections in the world. From its New York headquarters, HFB develops, licenses and produces confections for its own labels, for private labels and for dozens of major brands.


HFB’s production partner, Simply Natural, manufactures confections for some of the world’s leading brands.

Confectionery Pioneer

HFB is also a confectionary pioneer - one of the first companies to develop, brand, and market sugar­free hard candy and chocolates. HFB now markets sugar­free candy worldwide, as well as a highly successful line of “better for you” confections and chocolate products under the brand Simply Lite.

Excellence in Brand Management

In 2007, HFB acquired licenses for the mega-brands Sweet ‘N Low and Sunkist. With its tremendous success in these lines, HFB quickly established a reputation for excellence in brand management, and superior products and packaging.

Major Player

The phenomenal growth of the mobile gaming industry has been a boon to HFB, which has secured licensing agreements with some of the world’s most popular games, including Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. By producing high quality products in packaging that is as exciting as the games they derive from, HFB has become a major player in licensed consumables.

Fun and Innovative Products

Today, HFB’s roster of licensed snack and confectionary products include fruit gummies, fruit snacks, chocolates, hard candy, lollipops, and popping candy. HFB specializes in fun and innovative products such as chocolate with popping candy inside, and fun­to­play­with fruit snacks.

HFB’s rapid success is attributable to the four pillars of our business:

  1. Food Safety and Quality

    HFB insists on the highest quality and food safety standards. Its manufacturing facilities meet HACCP standards and have maintained SQF Level II certification with superior ratings that meet GFSI standards. The facility is registered with the FDA and meets the requirements of the 2011 FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act).

  2. Flexibility

    HFB can mold its products (literally and figuratively) to any of its clients’ specifications. It is also expert in formulating “better for you” product versions: sugar-free, all natural, organic, kosher, gluten free, fortified and low carb.

  3. Innovation

    HFB’s development team is continually creating products that are new to the industry — and exciting to consumers. The company is expert at turning concepts into products.

  4. Competitive pricing

    The efficiency of HFB’s state-of-the-art partner facility and its economies of scale allows the company to offer competitive prices for its customers. Its superior quality private label products compete with major brands at substantially lower price points.